One of the key directions of the Igor Iankovskyi Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiatives for the future" issupport of creative initiatives of young people in the sphere of development of cinema, music and artwork. Our mission is to find talents and to provide them opportunity to bring themselves to light and to develop successfully because the today's youth is in particular the cultural future of our country.

The development of art in Ukraine takes steam. Our country is rich with talents among which today are the young film directors and musicians, artists, who really deserve to be well known. Because of support of the Igor Iankovskyi Foundation it became possible for young Ukrainian film directors to participate in such world-famous and recognized cinematographic contests as the Cannes International Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale).

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In 2013 together with the "Molodist" Kiev international film festival with the purpose of supporting development of modern cinema in Ukraine was established the National competition of short films – the newest contest of young cinema. During the year of creation of the competition about 200 films of starting Ukrainian directors were submitted to the jury among which the winner was short motion picture “The Roadback” of director Oleksandr Ratiy – young talented man from Alchevsk of Lugansk region.
In 2014 the National competition took place for the second time and the number of submitted works increased substantially that was the excellent indicator of interest as well as the basis for exact detection of creative potential of the youth in Ukraine. It is exactly the genre of short cinema that helps to discover new personalities in cinema which try to get out their message to the viewer. Exactly this genre is the step to the world of full-length films.

2013: establishment of the National competition of short films within the frames of the "Molodist"Kiev international film festival that according to Ihor Yankovskyi’s opinion is the launching point for talented young filmmakers and script writers. Selection and awarding of the winner.

Presentation of the stand Ukrainian Film Corner as part of the Ukrainian delegation’s work at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival from February 06, 2014 till February 14, 2014. During all time of the stand’s work there were held consultations about the new modern Ukrainian cinema and were presented the full-length Ukrainian films. On February 7 at Catwalk Bar at the Berlin Marriott Hotel with support of the Ihor Yankovskyi Charity Foundation "Initiative for the Future" took place the presentation of the National Competition of the "Molodist" Kiev international film festival as well as the presentation of the first disk with films of the finalists. The presentation of short films at the Berlin Film Festival became a good opportunity to announce Ukrainian talents in the sphere of cinema at the international level.

On March 27, 2014 the Book and Printing Museum in Kiev took place a prominent cultural and artistic event that included presentation of "Bandura Style" project. The author and ideologist of the project Yaroslav Dzhus, young talented composer, bandura virtuoso and the holder of the Audience Award at "Ukraine Has Talents" national show inspired and created the project. Thanks to this project we can not only hear again bandura, the most ancient Ukrainian national musical instrument, in new interpretation, but also to give to the thousands of Ukrainian folk music lovers a unique opportunity to perform well-known works and work of authorship on bandura.

On May 14, 2014 was opened the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Thanks to the "Molodist" Kiev international film festival and support of the Ihor Yankovskyi Foundation "Initiatives for the future" it became possible to send young Ukrainian directors to participate in the special program Short Film Corner. The idea of such participation emerged in 2013 within the frames of "Molodist" international film festival and was put into reality already in one year. According to the words of Ihor Yankovskyi, ensuring of participation in such creative events will encourage young filmmakers for developing of their creativity, self-perfection and to forge new relationships on the international cinema market.

For the period from December 05, 2014 till December 07, 2014 in Munich took place “The days of the Ukrainian cinema”. This event was conducted at the initiative of the Ihor Yankovskyi Foundation “Initiatives for the future” with assistance of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the “Molodist” Kiev international film festival. Within the frames of this charity event were presented the film “The Guide” by film director Оles Sanin and the best short film movies of the “Molodist” film festival 2014. The films exhibitions took place with filled halls and the films were perceived by audience very positive with the most vivid emotions. “Ukrainian cinema days in Munich” is the charitable event because all funds raised during the events will be donated to the children who suffered during military activities at the East of Ukraine.